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Simon Martin - Université de Picardie Jules Verne et Halmstad University (Suède)

STAPS (Psychologie - Physiologie) - En cours

Determinants for overuse injury in Athletics: from the identification of risk patterns to the implementation of a preventive program in a real context


Goal: Overuse injuries account for the vast majority of injuries in Athletics (up to 96%), affecting two thirds of the athletes during a single season (Jacobsson et al., 2013). They result in several adverse consequences at different time-frame, ranging from impaired performance and chronic negative affects to early retirement (Timpka et al., 2014; Huxley et al., 2014). They are difficult to diagnose and adjust to because of their gradual onset and sporadic symptoms, and often develop into chronic conditions (Clarsen et al., 2012). The process leading to overuse injuries is thus likely to be nonlinear (Philippe & Mansi, 1998). Furthermore, overuse injuries in Athletics are probably not strictly the result of individual factors, but rather one outcome of the complex interaction between a web of determinants processing at different levels of organisation and time scales (e.g. the muscle units, the sociocultural context) (Jacobson et al., 2018; Bittencourt et al., 2016). Thereby, complex dynamic systems approaches may be particularly useful to understand the relationships among the range of dynamic processes described by different disciplines and suggested to influence the risk of overuse injury. Grounded on this assumption, this PhD project will aim to investigate the pattern of interactions between psychological (e.g. perfectionistic concerns, chronic social stress), physiological (e.g. stress-recovery balance) and sociocultural (e.g. sport culture and norms) determinants resulting in risk/protective profiles for overuse injury in Athletics. Based on those information, an educationally-based preventive program targeting athletes’ cognitions, emotions and behaviors and their surroundings will be built, taking into account the demands and barriers voiced by Athletics stakeholders’. In the last step of the project, this program will be tested for effectiveness and sustainability in a real Athletics context.

Mise à jour le 29 août 2019